Therapy Dog Clinic and Testing in Beaufort

09 Sep Therapy Dog Clinic and Testing in Beaufort


Does your dog have a sweet disposition? Does he/she like to be petted? Does your dog obey your commands? And most of all, does your dog love humankind? Therapy dogs bring sparkle to a sterile day; rekindle old memories and good conversation. They come in all shapes and sizes – real dogs with real personalities. Some pure bred, others adopted or mixed breeds, but all proud to wear their Therapy Dogs International bandana and tags.

TDI is the oldest and largest Therapy Dog organization in the United States. The objective of our Therapy Dog-and-handler teams is to provide comfort and companionship, increasing the quality of life to residents and staff at hospitals, assisted living and nursing homes. They also participate in the “Tail-Waggin’ Tutor” program, helping children improve their reading skills at local elementary schools, and the YMCA.

Beaufort Chapter will host a therapy dog pre-test clinic at 10am on Saturday, October 15 at Beaufort County Disabilities and Special Needs Center, 100 ClearWater Way. There is no charge or minimum age for the clinic but you must attend a clinic to be eligible to take the TDI test the following month. Before attending the clinic, read more about TDI, our chapters, evaluators and insurance, as well as important information about the test requirements at Dogs are required to wear a flat buckle collar with 6-foot leash, be at least one year old and you must present your dogs up-to-date shot records.

Four weeks later, at 10am on Saturday, November 12, the chapter will hold a TDI test at the same location. Space is limited to 10 dogs and the cost is $10. Please allow 2 hours for the clinic and the test. To register for the clinic and test or for more information on Therapy Dogs International, contact Russ Dimke, Chapter Director, 843-846-9580.