Tradition! Something Very Special about Warsaw Island and Residents

20 Jun Tradition! Something Very Special about Warsaw Island and Residents

A Special Time on Warsaw Island

Growing up in Beaufort there was a very special person in my life and in the lives of my siblings she  managed our household,  prepared most of our meals, washed our clothes, cleaned the house, sent us off to school and met us when we returned.   Though careful not to compete with our parents, she listened to our secrets and gave sage advise.  Her name was Maybelle Gardner Mack and she was part of the Gardner clan who grew up on,  and protected their homeland,  Warsaw Island just off of highway 21 east of  the Cowan Creek Bridge.

As a teenager, I often drove Maybelle home.  I liked doing nice things for Maybelle and always enjoyed the opportunity to drive my mothers car.  But - - - when the tide was high, Belle as her friends called her, had to get out of the car at the corner because the dirt causeway would be covered with water and the car would not make it.  She had to walk across the flooded causeway.  Occasionally we would stop at Blocker’s store at the corner to buy drinking water because there was no potable drinking water on the island.

Back in those days, the Gardner family on Warsaw had the land fund to which all who could donated a dollar every month which was set aside in case a family member got behind on taxes and might lose the land.  The club paid the taxes and the family for years dominated the island.

Saturday, I learned another Warsaw tradition when the late Maybelle’s daughter Corinne, who after being away for years returned to Warsaw, asked me to be her guest at the annual fathers day celebration in a small park set aside for such events by an owner who left the parcel to the community.  I went and had a ball and that is to say nothing about the very special home cooked meal.

Apparently,  the event began seventeen years ago when the men on Warsaw Island prepared a Mothers’ Day meal for the women and the women reciprocated on Fathers’ Day and a tradition was started.

We should all take the time to share with those who are special to us, starting with our core families, our extended families, our neighbors and friends.  A little investment in making people special goes a long way.

Thank you residents of Warsaw Island for including me in your family by sharing this inspirational day and great fellowship.