Young Leaders of Beaufort off to a great start

20 Sep Young Leaders of Beaufort off to a great start

City of Beaufort Police Chief Matt Clancy, Beaufort-Port Royal Fire Department Chief Reece Bertholf and City Public Works Director Lamar Taylor give Young Leaders of Beaufort a first hand account of what the city does to prepare for a hurricane, what staff do during the storm and how the return and recovery are managed.

Presentations were followed by exercises in leadership and communications led by Wade Bishop, Katie Godowns and Nancy Valdes from the Beaufort County office of the SC Department of Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

The October session will be a mock trial in the City Court House with Judge Tupper. The November session will be hosted by Riverview Charter School to learn about the hunger crisis overseas and help to pack meals to be shipped overseas to feed children in orphanages and schools.

I started YLOB four years ago because I believe as an elected official part of my unwritten job description is to help bring the next generation into community and civic engagement.  Each class includes four students from each of the 9 participating middle schools north of the Broad River.

Ladys Island Middle School veteran teacher and leadership guru Scott Shipsey coordinates the program. There is no way we could have the program without the help of Scott and the liaisons from each of the schools who recruit students, brainstorm how we ensure high educational value to the program and bring students to our meeting places.